We are grateful for the support of many individuals, families, and businesses! Please get in touch if you would like to discuss other ways to get involved and support this cause. Quyanaa – We thank you.

Project Partners:

Major Donors:                          ($10,000+)

Leadership Supporters: ($500+)

Old Harbor Native Corporation, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Native Village of Afognak, Tanya Inga & Randy Gilbert, Alisha Drabek, Alan Large, Pat Branson & Gordon Gould, Sarah Lukin, Shauna Hegna, Denise May, Sherry Harmes, Clifford Selig, Ron Unger

Community Supporters: ($100-$499)


April Counceller, The Laktonen Sisters, Amy Steffian, Ben Fitzhugh, Megan Partlow, James Simon, Penny Pederson, Nina Gronn, Patrick G Saltonstall, Archpriest Innocent & Matushka Veronica Dresdow, Laura Muller, Stacy Studebaker, Sarah Culbertson, Ann Kjera, Michael Brady, Jeannette Chernikoff, Paul Moore, CK Bower, John Whiddon, Jerry Laktonen, Native Village of Port Lions, Sheila Leinberger, Alan Large, Dennis Metrokin, Jeff & Rebecca Garcie, Martin Owen, Meghan Kelly, Rita Stevens, SallyAnn Naumoff, Herman Madsen, Arthur Levine, Esther Furio, Loren Anderson, Conrad Peterson, Tyan Hayes, Matt Olsen, ReMAX of Kodiak, Athena Ennenga